10-17 August 2014

World Puzzle Federation

UK Puzzle Association

Sponsored by

Get Brained Up

Principal Hayley Hotels

Croydon High School (Girls' Day School Trust)

Organising Commitee

  • Alan O'Donnell - Championships Director
  • Gareth Moore - WPC Co-ordinator
  • Tom Collyer - WSC Co-ordinator
  • Mike Colloby - Treasurer
  • Anthea McMillan
  • Ariane Blok
  • Emma McCaughan
  • David McNeill
  • Ken Wilshire
  • Liane Robinson
  • Nick Deller

The organisers are grateful for the valuable input of all members of the UK Puzzle Association.

A limited number of Media and Press Passes are available.
Please contact the Championships Director to discuss your requirements.

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