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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eligibility to Compete

To compete in either event, you should consult your national World Puzzle Federation (WPF) member, as listed on the members page. Each member country is obliged to conduct open, national qualifying tournaments. (source)

If your country is not listed, please get in touch with us.

There are no restrictions on who can register as a non-competing guest.
As a guest, you will be able to observe the championships in progress, and take part in all meals and activities alongside the competitors.

NEW: Guests who wish to take part in the tournaments may do so.
This will be in an extension from the main hall, if space permits, or in a separate large conference room nearby if required. Guests scores will not feature on the main results, nor be eligible for awards or prizes. Guests do not need to be a member of the WPF.

Team Structure

For both the WSC and WPC, each country can submit up to 2 teams of 4 competitors.
These will be identified as that country's A-team and B-team.

Only the A-team, and the competitors within that team will feature in the official results.
If a country submits less than 4 competitors, all those competitors will feature on the individual results table.

Teams must consist of 4 players, so any players not in an A or B team of 4 players will be merged into United Nations (UN) teams with other players.

The primary purpose of the B-teams is to permit individuals who have qualified for one event to participate in the other.
We recommend that places in B-teams are allocated first to competitors who are in the A-team for the other championship.
NEW:WPF members can submit a 9th player for each championship. The 9th person will join a UN team, and be eligible for B-team awards.

Participation Costs

WSC (4 nights)£320£380£360£420
WPC (5 nights)£390£465£440£515
WPC+WSC (7 nights)£530£635£600£705
All prices are in GBP (£ Sterling).

(*)The official competitor rate applies to:
  • All competitors who are part of any A-team
  • Competitors from countries with fewer than 4 participants
  • Team captains
  • Individual WPF members
  • WPF board members
All other participants, whether competing or not, will pay the Guest rate

Children are welcome. Under 13s stay for free (with a nominal cost for meals) when accompanied by an adult. Family rooms are available. Note that children under 13 will not have access to the competition halls when championships are in progress.
Price includes:
  • Accommodation within main hotel
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Light refreshments
  • Championship participation (except guests)
  • Day trip
  • Prizes
  • Other (TBA)
For room rates:
'Shared' = Double/Twin/Family bedroom
'Single' = Single occupancy bedroom
If selecting a 'shared' room, please state who you wish to share with when registering.
If you have no preference then you will be matched with another person expressing the same preference.
It is common to state 'no preference', as it is a great way to meet new people.

Prizes and Awards

Official prizes will be awarded for the following categories in each championship:
  • Top three competitors
  • Top three teams
  • Best newcomer (*)
  • Best Over 50 (*)
  • Best Under 18 (*)
Other unofficial prizes will also be available.
(*) B-team competitors are eligible for these awards.

Visa Requirements

You should check whether you are required to obtain a visa to enter the UK.
The UK government offers a simple web page for you to check .
When checking, the purpose of your visit is 'Tourism'.

Travel Directions

Options for getting to the venue are listed on the Location page.

Extending your Visit

Competitors may stay up to seven nights at the hotel at the competitors' rate
Early arrivals and late departures are possible at Selsdon Park Hotel at a rate of £80.00 per double occupancy, including breakfast, for as many nights as you need.
(Please advise if you are willing to share, and with whom. If you are happy to share with a fellow participant then we will do our best to pair everyone up, please let us know when registering. This special rate can be utilised for single occupancy as well, if required.)

Special room rates at other hotels in and around London within the PH Group of hotels will be made available shortly for your consideration.

Tourism in the UK

The UK tourism website is
The London visitors website is
Both of these are official tourist sites.


Please enquire by email to if you have any questions.
This page will be updated regularly with responses to questions of general interest.
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