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UK Sudoku Championship 2011 - Final Results Table - United Kingdom only

Contest duration: Fri 10 Jun 2011 21:00- Mon 13 Jun 2011 03:00. (19 Participants)
(update: Same scores are ranked by time remaining after last submission)
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RankUseridNameCountry Time UsedCorrect
(of 19)
Raw ScoreBonusTot Score
1detunedTom CollyerUnited Kingdom01:52:5011/19148+0148
2david mcneillDavid McNeillUnited Kingdom01:45:3113/23142+0142
3MichaelCMichael CollinsUnited Kingdom01:40:117/13125+0125
4afcwarrenWarren HarveyUnited Kingdom02:00:0011/19118+0118
5MagooMark GoodliffeUnited Kingdom01:57:3311/20111+0111
6drsteveSteve BargeUnited Kingdom01:33:068/1394+094
7red_starPaul RedmanUnited Kingdom01:55:446/1189+089
8roddersRoderick GraftonUnited Kingdom01:36:207/1186+086
9ronaldRonaldUnited Kingdom01:55:195/874+074
10GarethMooreGareth MooreUnited Kingdom01:58:206/1674+074
11DavidCDavid CollisonUnited Kingdom01:56:576/1053+053
12dickoonChris M. DicksonUnited Kingdom01:20:515/943+043
13mg906mg906United Kingdom01:57:115/734+034
14s3b6s3b6United Kingdom01:59:553/2729+029
15JanixKenneth WilshireUnited Kingdom01:51:364/625+025
Additionally, 4 participants not shown, with 0 registered points
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