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The UK Puzzle Association is the UK member of the World Puzzle Federation(WPF). The World Puzzle Federation is an international organization dedicated to puzzles. It follows the Olympic standard, and brings together puzzlers from around the world for the annual World Puzzle Championships, and World Sudoku Championships.


The puzzles we refer to are culture-fair, language-neutral problems, which do not give any nation an advantage in competition. The most widely known type of puzzle is of course Sudoku, although most people will have heard of other 'Japanese' puzzles such as Kakuro or Hitori, or you may have played battleships, mastermind, or even minesweeper. You can find more examples on the puzzles page

World Championships

Since 'sudokumania' swept the world, there was a particular demand for a specialist competition, to find a World Sudoku Champion. So, every year since 2006, there has been a separate World Sudoku Championships. This needs no explanation. If you want to try out for the UK team, or find out more information on its history, you've come to the right place.

As the UK representative of this organisation, it is our duty and pleasure to select a UK team for each championship competition.

About us

The purpose of UK Puzzle Association is to develop and support international standard puzzle and sudoku playing in the UK. We are a not for profit association formed and run by the leading UK players. To develop the top players of the future, we also work to encourage more people to take up our sport, particularly in schools and universities, and provide them with support and coaching to enable them to develop to international standard.

The UK Puzzle Association hosted the 2014 WPF World Puzzle Championships and World Sudoku Championship.
The original website can still be found here.

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