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Grandmaster Puzzles

Post by motris » Tue 01 Jan, 2013 4:58 am

With the New Year, I'm officially launching Grandmaster Puzzles which will be my online puzzle/publishing presence.

If you like solving puzzles, please check out the new blog with (almost) daily puzzles. There will be sudoku/variants, and classic puzzles alternating for the next several weeks before a regular schedule starts up. Easier puzzles will appear early in the week, harder puzzles at the end of the week, with each new post at 5 PM GMT.

If you like constructing puzzles, let me introduce my next book project "The Art of Puzzles" which Grandmaster Puzzles will be publishing. It will feature 10 classic styles: Battleships, Star Battle, Skyscrapers, TomTom, Fillomino, Cave, Masyu, Slitherlink, Nurikabe, and Tapa. I'd like to publish puzzles from the world's best constructors; if you are interested in contributing, please send me an email and I'll get you more details in a few weeks.

You may have noticed me missing from LMI and other places recently. I hope to eventually have time to compete in puzzles again, but for the short term I'm pouring all my puzzle energies into Grandmaster Puzzles. I trust you'll enjoy the result!

--Thomas Snyder (aka Dr. Sudoku)
Grandmaster Puzzles

david mcneill
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Re: Grandmaster Puzzles

Post by david mcneill » Fri 01 Feb, 2019 1:12 pm

Just thought I'd flag up a very enjoyable Fillomino puzzle which I stumbled on recently from Thomas' Grandmaster Puzzles blog.

It was posted on 19 January and was set by John Bulten. Don't be guessing! The logic is great. Well worth having a go and also looking at some of the other quality puzzles on this site.

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Re: Grandmaster Puzzles

Post by detuned » Fri 01 Feb, 2019 9:07 pm ... hn-bulten/

Adding the direct link to the puzzle David mentioned above. And yes, this is definitely worth trying!

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