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How to reach a lot of university maths society people at once

Posted: Mon 05 Feb, 2018 12:41 pm
by dickoon
There's an event being held at Imperial College London this Saturday called mathscon. Mathscon is a series of science events, consisting of a conference and a networking social. It is directed at undergraduates, young researchers and science lovers in general. Each event aims to expose the public to a broad range of aspects and applications that make Mathematics so beautiful.

It features a number of keynote speeches and also workshops: What better way is there to celebrate Mathematics than to have fun with some of its cool applications? In both the inaugural event last year and the second event this year there have been chess workshops, and last year there was a poker workshop as well (featuring Liv Boeree, who has a first in Physics with Astrophysics, no less). It seems to me that there's a decent chance that, while it's surely too late to do anything for 2018, the organisers might well welcome a proposal for a puzzles workshop for 2019 or later. This workshop might be deliberately focused on WPF-style logic puzzles, or more broadly focused on the wider world of puzzles, or feature more than one presenter offering a variety of perspectives. This would seem to be a very good way to reach a talented (and often competitive) audience.

Re: How to reach a lot of university maths society people at once

Posted: Sun 11 Feb, 2018 1:35 am
by PuzzleScot
Yeah, that sounds like a good target market for garnering interest, thanks Chris.

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